The A6M2 is NX’s latest generation upper limb intelligent rehabilitation robot. It uses NX’s upper limb training digital model and algorithm engineering, combined with upper limb rehabilitation theory, to simulate human upper limb movement in real time. The A6M2 can perform passive movement, active movement, and combined active and passive movement of upper limbs in multiple dimensions.

The A6M2 integrates rehabilitation evaluation, scene interaction, daily life activity simulation training, intelligent programming training, and personalized trajectory learning and training. It provides upper limb functional assessment and training for patients with grade 0-5 muscle strength dysfunction to speed up the recovery process.

Features and Benefits

  • Passive and active movement training: The A6M2 can realize passive movement and active movement of upper limbs in multiple dimensions. Patients can train without muscle strength at all.
  • Trajectory learning mode: Learn and record up to 3 minutes of manipulation trajectory, drive patients to perform manipulation trajectory restoration therapy training, and conduct a large number of repetitive rehabilitation training for early patients to improve training efficiency.
  • Diversified training modes: The A6M2 offers a variety of training modes to meet the needs of patients in various stages of rehabilitation training.
  • Passive training mode: The therapist can set up to 60s of daily activities as the patient’s training trajectory. The system drives the patient to perform repeated, continuous and stable manipulation trajectory restoration training according to the set movement trajectory and through games and giving certain sensory stimulation.
  • Active and passive training mode: The therapist can adjust the guiding force of the robotic arm to each joint of the patient’s upper limbs according to the patient’s condition. At the same time, if the patient cannot actively participate in the training within 5 seconds, the system will automatically transforms into a passive training mode to drive the patient to complete the training.
  • Active training mode: The patient can drive the mechanical arm to move in any direction. The training mode includes single joint training and multi-joint training.
  • Pre-set trajectories: The A6M2 includes commonly used trajectories for upper limb training and the trajectories of daily life movements for patients to quickly train.
  • Strong safety protection: The A6M2 has independent spasm monitoring and two emergency stop buttons. The software system also monitors the limit of the range of motion of the robotic arm in real time during the activity to comprehensively protect the safety of patients.
  • Automatic switch between left and right side: The A6M2 can automatically switch between the left and right sides, reducing cumbersome operation. It also has laser alignment to assist the therapist to align the appropriate exercise position.
  • Automatic restoration: After the training is over, the user can click the automatic restore button to return to the initial position.

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