YK-7000 Walking Training System

Model: YK-7000
Material: Aluminum alloy
Suspension Range: 0-60cm
Suspension Modes: Dynamic, static, balanced
Application: Adults and children
Max Patients Weight: 250Kg
Voltage: 220V


What Does the YK-7000 Suspension Walker Do?

The YK-7000 suspension walker is a rehabilitation device that helps patients with standing, balancing, and treading training. It uses a suspension system to support the patient’s weight, which reduces the load on their legs and makes it easier for them to train. The YK-7000 is suitable for patients with muscle atrophy, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, amputation, leg weakness, and spasm caused by bone, joint, and nervous system diseases.

Features of the YK-7000 Suspension Walker

  • Open design for easy access and therapist assistance
  • Three suspension modes:
    • Dynamic mode: Provides lifting force to help patients stand up more easily from a squat position.
    • Static mode: Keeps the walker at the same height as a treadmill, allowing for efficient training.
    • Balance mode: Keeps patients at a certain height if they suddenly fall, ensuring safety.
  • Double protection suspension band for safety and reliability
  • Single suspension rope for safe and easy turning
  • Ultra-quiet air compressor
  • Inflatable band for patient comfort and pain relief
  • Optional accessories: high-performance sports treadmill and resistance adjustable exercise bike

Benefits of the YK-7000 Suspension Walker

  • Improved balance, leg muscle strength, and walking posture
  • Reduced weight loading on the legs
  • Safer and more effective training
  • More convenient for therapists

Why Choose the YK-7000 Suspension Walker?

At NX Rehab, we always put the safety and comfort of patients and the convenience of therapists in the first place. The YK-7000 suspension walker is designed with the people-oriented concept in mind, and it provides much greater convenience compared to traditional walking assist equipment.

With 20 years of experience manufacturing rehabilitation equipment, we are confident that the YK-7000 suspension walker is the best choice for your patients’ rehabilitation needs.


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